How It Works

YumPlate delivers delicious meals at great prices, from a neighbour's kitchen to your dining table.

Unlocking the vast culinary capital in our city, YumPlate allows you to browse our menu and buy delicious and nutritious homemade meals freshly prepared by residents who enjoy cooking for their neighbours.

We offer real food made by real people – and that’s diversity and authenticity that cannot be beat.

Tired after a long day at the office? Busy running errands with the kids on the weekends? Spending too much money eating out? Just looking for more interesting foodie experiences?  All of the above? Well, let us help you!

Step One: Order

Order onlineBrowse and order from our featured specials or the daily menu.

You can choose from appetizers, mains, and desserts. Every YumMeal is freshly prepared, and quality controlled by our Chief Taste Officer.

Our YumCooks love the meals they make.  They are in every part of the city and come from all walks of life. Their stories are as interesting as their food is delicious. What they do have in common is their passion for helping others eat well.




Step Two: Pay

Pay online

Use your credit card or PayPal to pay for your order online.

Our payment processing system is secure and simple to use. For every meal you pay, we charge only a small user fee – the rest goes directly to the YumCook.

For some of our YumCooks, YumPlate offers a much-needed platform to convert their passion into prosperity, for themselves and their loved ones. We do this because we believe everyone should profit from our business. 




Step Three: Pick up

PickupOur YumCooks will let you know once your meal has been prepared. You can either pick it up or some Yumcooks will arrange for delivery too. We serve downtown and surrounding areas.

And we know you want a guaranteed delivery option. We are still figuring it out.






Step Four: Enjoy


Dinner time no longer needs to be a chore. Use that time, instead, to meaningfully connect with people in your life.

So go ahead, enjoy your YumMeal.  It was made with a lot of love and care, just for you by someone like you.  






Step Five: Share

Share on Social mediaLike the food? How was the entire experience? Tell us all about it!

Review the YumMeal, rate your YumCook, and share YumPlate with your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who you think deserves to eat healthy, delicious meals.