Our Story

Our story begins with food, naturally.

YumPlate is the brainchild of Jadhu Nadarajah.

Jadhu has lived, worked and travelled in many parts of the world. On his travels, Jadhu discovered a fundamental truth that is at the core of what we offer – the best meals are always homemade.

Whether it was the chef in a small osteria in Northern Italy who used a family recipe for Bolognese sauce or the colonial French-influenced Tamil meal he ate at a friend’s home in Pondicherry, India, he never forgot the authenticity and freshness of those meals.

Inspired by these foodie adventures, Jadhu has embarked on a mission to create similar experiences for others in the city.

Leveraging the peer-to-peer economy, YumPlate unlocks the diverse culinary capital in our city in a way never done before.

We are changing the rules of how we eat and who we eat with.


Who We Are 

Jadhu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

When he’s not smoking a beef brisket in the backyard, Jadhu is busy driving the vision and growth of YumPlate. He brings to this venture, his education in computer science and architecture, experience in technology and security, and passion for food. He loves travel, photography, and spending time with his wife and three girls.    





Shivanee Nadarajah



Shivanee, Chief Operating Officer

For Shivanee, YumPlate is an extension of what she does in her day job where is part of the senior management team of a large community health centre. She believes the continuum of good health care begins with what we eat. YumPlate is her way of passing on some of her own recipes to her three daughters. 




Kumaran, Chief Marketing Officer

Kumaran Nadesan

When he is not getting his cavities filled after gorging on kesari and cakes, Kumaran is busy spreading the good word about how YumPlate brings together people from one end of the city to the other over good food. He is an Ontario public servant who is passionate about connecting good people and converting great ideas.